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What is a Rally

A rally is a gathering of Club members, for a weekend or longer, to promote friendship and pursue common pleasures and pastimes in a light-hearted manner, having fun along the way.

You should never feel obliged to join in anything which does not interest you, nor will you be pressurised to do so. The Rally Marshals are ordinary members who have volunteered to organise and run the rally.  This includes liaising with the landowner, signing the approach to the site where necessary, marking out the site and organising the activities during the rally.

 Events may include a social on Saturday night, which is a family event, this can be a dance, games night, quiz session, or it may be a barbecue in the summer months. The rally marshals also make arrangements for a water supply, and facilities for disposal of waste water and chemical toilet emptying.  Starting time is given in each rally entry so please do not arrive early unless the Chief Rally Marshal has given you permission to do so.

On arrival you should stop at reception (usually the first outfit you meet on entering the site) where you will be welcomed to the rally.  You will be given information about the rally programme of activities, and your rally fee will be collected.  You will be directed to your pitch and shown how to park your outfit, with assistance if requested.  If this is your first rally with the Centre, tell the rally marshals.

All you need in addition to normal caravan items is your own toilet, together with a container to fill it, a container or bag for dry rubbish, which it is normal to take home with you and your own battery (most rally sites do not have mains electricity).  Levelling blocks and wedges are sometimes needed for uneven sites.

Finally please read the instructions under Rally Rules

We look forward to your company.