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Rally Rules

The following notes are for the benefit of new members and to remind everyone of the procedures of the Centres.  Where the word Caravan or derivatives are used this can also be taken to mean Motorhome or camper van.  Where the word event is used, it stands for Rally, Meet or other event.

1. The spirit of good caravanning

Is based upon consideration for other people. Therefore, conduct by members, their families (especially children and their animals) and visitors to Centre events must not be prejudicial to the good reputation of the Centre, or the comfort or convenience of others. In cases of abuse, the Caravan Club rules permit Centre Committees to take disciplinary action.

2. Awnings and Tents

If you wish to erect an awning or tent please check with the rally marshals first. Teenage tents are allowed provided the site can accommodate them and that they are pitched in close proximity to the caravan of an adult member who will take responsibility for them.

3. Barbecues

These should not be lit in or near awnings. Charcoal barbecues should be well soaked with water before disposal and MUST NOT be emptied into hedges or other flammable materials. You should dispose of these safely.

4. Booking for a Rally or Meet

Please note some events have a limit, which is shown under each entry. All members wishing to attend an event MUST book in, by post, telephone or e-mail, not later than 9.00pm on the Wednesday preceding the event.

5. Cancellation of an event:

If you are booked into an event and wish to cancel the booking, you must cancel not later than 9.00pm on the Wednesday preceding the event, otherwise you will be liable to pay a cancellation fee. If the event involves a pre-booked dinner and the organisers have to pay for your pre-booked meal then you will have to reimburse the Centre for the costs involved.

6. Chemical Toilets

These MUST NOT be washed out at drinking water taps and must only be emptied at designated point. If no emptying point is available, they must be taken home for disposal.

7. Codes

You should be familiar with and observe the provisions of the Caravan, Country and Seashore Codes (Printed in the Rally Handbook).

8. Complaints

If you have a complaint concerning anything about a rally, you should raise this with the Chief Rally Marshal at the time. If the Chief Rally Marshal does not resolve this complaint to your satisfaction, you should then put the matter in writing to the Centre Secretary so that it can be investigated fully by the Centre Committee.

9. Drivers and Safety

The maximum speed limit within the boundaries of a rally is WALKING PACE i.e. if you pass someone who is walking, you are SPEEDING. Only fully licenced and insured drivers are permitted to drive on a rally site. Anyone who does not hold a full driving licence is not allowed to drive on site.

10. Dogs

Must at all times (when outside the caravan) be on a lead not exceeding 3 meters in length. All dogs must be exercised away from caravans and the owner must clean up any fouling IMMEDIATELY. Any person may, after due warning of a breach of these rules, be asked to leave the site by the rally marshals.

11. Duration of Rallies

The rally entry gives the start time for each rally. DO NOT arrive early unless the Chief Rally Marshal has given permission. With the exception of rallies on licenced sites DO NOT approach the land owner to extend your stay.

12. Evidence of Membership

Membership cards should always be available for inspection.

13. Family Membership

A family member is any permanent member of the full member’s household, not less than 18 years of age whom, desiring the status of a member and in respect of whom the necessary subscription has been paid to headquarters. 

14. Joint Membership

A joint member is a permanent member of the full members household, not less than 18 years of age, who desiring the status of a member, has been nominated as a joint member to Headquarters by the full member.

15. Fire Risks

You are advised to always carry a first aid kit, a fire extinguisher and fire blanket in your caravan. These should be regularly inspected to ensure their usefulness in an emergency. You should also acquaint yourself with the positioning of emergency equipment at each event.

16. Fire or other emergency

If there is an emergency affecting the rally site the following warning will be given – LONG CONTINUOUS BLASTS ON A KLAXON OR CAR HORN or alternatively BY BANGING TWO PANS TOGETHER. On hearing the emergency signal all present on site will assemble as directed by the rally marshals. You should dress suitably for the weather conditions.

17. Generators

In line with Club policy, these should only be run between the hours of 9.00am and 8.00pm. If you wish to run a generator please tell the rally marshals on arrival as you may need to be sited independently.

18. Handbooks

Centre Secretaries will issue these to full members only on receipt of the nominal roll from Headquarters giving the members name and address. 

19. Health Precautions

Boil your water. Some rallies may be dependent on water drawn from private sources. Please ensure that if there is any doubt about the supply that water is boiled before use in food preparation or consumption.

20. Noise

This should be kept to a minimum. People in adjacent caravans should not be able to hear your radio or television. Official or private parties should not, under any circumstances, annoy people not attending them. Please DO NOT BANG Caravan doors after 11pm or early in the morning.

21. Open Fires

These are not allowed on rally sites.

22. Parental Control

Must be exercised over children at all times. Games must not be played or bicycles ridden near the caravans or to the annoyance of other members. Flying Kites, Drones or model aircraft or playing with a ball is not allowed among or close to caravans. Parents are reminded of the dangers of leaving young children unsupervised in caravans; the children’s safety and behaviour remain the parent’s responsibility.

23. Parking of Caravans

You must park as directed by the rally marshals. Normal practice is to place the off side front corner of the caravan to the pitch marker and the tow car to the nearside of the caravan. This may be varied at the discretion of the rally marshal to take account of site conditions.

24. Pitches

If you wish to be parked beside other members, you should ideally arrive with them, as it may not be possible to reserve pitches for them. The Chief Rally Marshall has sole discretion in this matter.

25. Rally Fee

Please be ready to pay your rally fee to the rally marshals on entering the site.

26. Rally Marshals

These are volunteer members of the Centre who are responsible for the organisation and conduct of the event. The Chief Rally Marshal must ensure compliance with all arrangements made with landowners etc. You are therefore asked to comply with any request from the Rally marshals concerning the running of the event. In particular, you must report to the rally marshals on arrival at the site.

27. Route

CC or yellow rectangle signs with a black arrow will supplement the directions in the handbook entry where needed.

28. Visitors

If you are expecting visitors, you should notify the rally marshals and tell your visitors to report to the rally marshals on arrival so that they can be properly directed and sign the visitors book.

29. Yellow Flag

This rule is to prevent excessive damage to the landowner’s property and applies to all vehicles even those with 4-wheel drive. When the rally field is wet and unsuitable for vehicular movement, a yellow flag will be flown. You must not move your vehicle on, off or about the rally field without the express permission of the rally marshals.