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Welcome to the Irish Division Website

The Irish Division

The Irish Division of the Caravan and Motorhome Club was formed in 1940 and consists of three Centres; Leinster, Munster and Ulster.

The Council of the Irish Division represent all Caravan and Motorhome Club Members who reside in the Island of Ireland whether Centre members or not.

The Council, Division and all Centres strive to promote the interests of the Caravan and Motorhome Club in Ireland and to encourage a high standard of Caravanning and Caravan Sites in Ireland.

Irish Division represented as Map of Ireland
Brief History of the Irish Division

The Irish Division of the Caravan and Motorhome Club has its origins way back in 1940 when a group of people held a series of meetings in the Central Hotel, Dublin. From these meetings the Centre of Ireland was formed on the 21st of November 1940. Mr W S Keating was elected as Chairman and Mr J Irvine as the Honorary Secretary.

The first recorded outing was a trip to Shanganagh Castle, Co. Dublin on the 31st of August 1941. Sixty people from all over Ireland attended. Their entertainment consisted of a scavenger hunt and children’s sports.

In January 1947, the Executive Committee in London granted Divisional Status to Ireland. In the absence of a constitution, it was agreed to adopt the title, Irish Division at a Special General Meeting held in May 1947 but to carry on business under Centres Rules. At the 1954 AGM of the Irish Division and with Centres then formed and operating in Ulster, Munster and Leinster, the Committee of the Irish Division was instructed to prepare a draft Constitution.

The first Irish Division National Rally comprising all three Centres was held at Rostrevor in 1955. The Irish Division Council is composed of three representatives of each of the Centres – Leinster, Munster and Ulster. Its Chairmanship rotates between the Centres, as does the hosting of the Irish National Rally.

Recent Irish Division Chairmen
Date Name Centre
K O'Hanlon
K O'Hanlon
B Condell
M Doherty
K O'Hanlon
M Geaney
A Shiels
K O'Hanlon
E O'Sullivan
N Williams

Irish Division Council 2023 – 2024

Chairman & PRO: David Buick

Vice Chairman: Marina Condell

Secretary: Geoff Hayes

Treasurer: Mary Carroll

Council: Paul Andrews, Tom Quinn, Mary Byrne, Donal O’Connor, Dawn Kelly, Richard Greene

Representatives on the Club Council: David Buick

Nominated Members on the Council: Brian Condell

Leinster Centre Officers & Committee 2023 – 2024

Chairman: Martina Condell

Vice Chairman:

Secretary: Mary Byrne 

Treasurer: Donal O’Connor

Committee: Michael Byrne, Peter Horan, Maureen Horan, Derval Cooper, Elaine O’Hanlon, Damien Slevin

Representatives on the Council of the Irish Division: Martina Condell, Mary Byrne, Donal O’Connor

PR Officer: Mary Byrne

Munster Centre Officers & Committee 2023 – 2024

Chairman: Tom Quinn

Vice Chairman: Ken O’Neill

Secretary: Ruth Crowley

Treasurer: Richard Greene

Committee: Michael O’Flynn, Isabelle Greene, Gerry O’Regan

Representatives on the Council of the Irish Division: Tom Quinn, Richard Greene

PR Officer: Colm Breheny

Equipment Officer: All Committee Members

Youth Chairman: Amelia O’Conner

Youth Secretary: Hanna O’Regan

Ulster Centre Officers & Committee 2023 – 202$

Chairman: Paul Andrews

Vice Chairman: Paul Kelly

Secretary: Dawn Kelly

Treasurer: Geoff Hayes

Committee: Ian Johnston, John MacBride, Katrina Andrews

Representatives on the Council of the Irish Division: Paul Andrews, Geoff Hayes, Dawn Kelly

C.L. Advisor: Noel Williams

PR Officer: Paul Andrews

Equipment Officer: Albert Everett

Rally Equipment: All Committee Members

Ulster Centre Junior Leader: Tommi Boylan